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Does a boy need a pram?

Children play and learn by watching and imitating the behavior of adults. They willingly use overheard words or gestures in their games.

Role-playing is fun!


Our children are happy to engage in everyday-inspired fun, observe, repeat and remember. Most children like to play “mom”, “dad”, “hairdresser”, “doctor” because their confidence and sense of belonging to society increases. Playing roles brings many rational benefits to children, such as understanding responsibilities, taming anxiety, teaching creativity and stimulating imagination. The list of advantages of role-playing is much longer and can be mentioned here: discharge of emotional tension, learning emotions and empathy, learning practical activities, improving the efficiency of verbal and non-verbal communication and contributing to cognitive development.



A stroller for a boy? Why not!


The immediate surroundings of a child, especially a family house, excellently inspires role-playing games of “mom” and “dad”. To make this fun you need the right toys, e.g. a doll stroller. A doll stroller is a great toy that teaches a child caring and patience. Most strollers on the market are for girls. But boys also like and should play with similar toys. A boy will be delighted with the red wooden car pram. The car stroller allows to transport favorite dolls and cuddly toys. Children’s imagination will also turn it into a race car or truck.



Classic – for girls


The wooden doll pram is made of a natural material resistant to children’s imagination. Its design is very stable thanks to the lowered center of gravity so that the child can safely lean on it – a toddler pushing a stroller exercises motor skills, walking, balance and maneuvering to avoid obstacles on the road. The combination of the functionality of a walker and a stroller in a wooden pram will encourage a child to have fun and stimulate its comprehensive development.


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