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Balance Board

How fast will you guide the ball through the maze?

This is a great, universal toy! It helps to develop the child’s strength and balance. And also yours! It supports the strength of the muscles responsible for correct posture and stimulates the vestibular system, which is of great importance during the growth and learning, not only of a young person.

Suitable for: 3 – 99 years old

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Versatile toy


Balance and stability

The maze built into the board allows you to challenge and maneuver the steel ball to a central point. This task helps in focusing and practicing patience.

Suggestion for use above the age of three is related to the presence of the labyrinth ball in the set, not the structure or properties of the balance beam.

Not only for kids

The balance board is a simple and effective exercise tool not only for children but also for adults and the elderly. It helps in post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Entirely handmade

The balancing board is hand-made in Poland from durable and safe materials that will ensure its long and trouble-free use.


supports your child’s physical and mental development as a sense of balance develops

provides a lot of entertainment for the whole family, regardless of age

balancing board is handmade in Poland from durable and safe materials

quality and safety are guaranteed by production in accordance with Polish and European safety standards


Material:  plywood

Dimensions: 650 x 475 x 70[mm]

Weight: 5,0 [kg]

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