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It all began in 1989 in a small town near Ostrow Wielkopolski, where the hardships of communist reality met with the power of passion and the need to create. The art of woodworking, driven by the talent of father and son, was able to cope with any adversity. Before 1990, raw materials were not readily available, and the purchase of machinable machines was a miracle. It was then that Marian Kepas, the father of Piotr – today’s toy designer of Kandu, began to construct carpentry machines and tools, including lathes, planers, milling machines. It was not easy, but every month the Kepas family was one step closer to fulfilling the dream of their own company producing beautiful toys from natural wood. 


Kandu’s mission is to care for the proper development of children and exceptional family relationships. We create toys from wood by hand, which not only entertain but also support the development of your child. And they will last for generations. We want our toys to be passed on to children by parents along with their childhood memories. Because there is nothing more important than relationships born of love …


Each of our toys is created based on 3 basic criteria: timeless design, quality of workmanship, attention to detail. We test our products for strength. The results obtained show that Kandu products are the highest category of workmanship (e.g. test of 300,000 wheel turns without visible changes in structural elements and a minimum load capacity of 100 kg). We are responsible for the entire production process, from a piece of wood to the finished toy.

For the safety of your child’s fun, the production of our toys meets FSC standards, PEFC criteria and provides necessary certificates. We attach great importance to the functionality and safety of our products during use, which is why our toys do not have sharp elements and edges. Natural wood gives each toy a unrepeatable grain structure, which means that you will receive a unique product.

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