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A Swing, a slide … A fantastic playground at home!

From the kids’ point of view, the playground has only one function – it must be fun! Parents however, want it to be safe and help children to develop.

What are the pros of playgrounds?


Physical activity on the playground supports the child’s motor skills, develops proper muscle tone and corrects body posture. Having fun together teaches interpersonal relationships, rules, patience and sharing.



Just keep swinging!


Little experts couldn’t imagine a playground without a swing. Swings, rockers, swinging devices – all that moves the child rhythmically can calm and quiet kids down. Swing has a positive effect on child’s attention, especially in cases of children who have trouble focusing on one activity. In the conditions of a home playground, a classic rocking horse will perform great in this role. Caring parents can choose a wooden traditional toy that will be equipped with barriers protecting the child from falling.



Balance in motion


Rocking and modernity? Simple as that – a wooden motorcycle on the skids will provide your child with hours of balance, concentration and imagination training when taking a youngster on a long trip. When your child is done with the rocking, just unhook the skids and the toy will change into a running bike. The balance motorcycle will provide the child with alternate movement that improves the interaction of both brain hemispheres, which positively affects the development of intelligence.



Ladders and slides


The playground must not lack ladders and slides. Climbing develops arm muscles, grip, motor coordination and sense of balance. Ladders help to tame height and overcome fear. Let’s add a slide to the ladder from the other side and we have the most crowded toy you can imagine. The slide perfectly improves balance, coordination and concentration. Fun on the slide with companions is a great lesson of cooperation, patience and social principles. During the rain, children are bored and complain about lack of movement. Putting a wooden slide into the room will be a great solution for a cold and rainy day. Toddlers will not let you fold it even on a sunny day so you better move the slide to the garden!





Balancing toys perfectly affect the development of balance and teach the children how to coordinate their body. By adding a maze with a ball to the balancing board, we make balancing even a bigger fun, not to mention the emotions associated with reaching the goal with the ball!



The playground is an ideal place for fun and quality time with your children. Joy and development in one place. Both outdoor and in your kid’s room.

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